Project of Synfuels China of Institute of Coal Chemistry, CAS
2017-11-19 18:44:10

  The base in Huairou covers a total area of 150 acres, which consist of two parts, and the project on the east part of land close to Yangyan Road has been completed in 2010 and put into use.  

  In 2013, Synfuels China precision equipment manufacturing base was completed, which is mainly use Synfuels China’s related technique of intellectual property rights to produce the core internals of super large scale reactor for Chinese coal-oil industry and other related high-value precision equipment in coal chemical industry. This project covers an area of 200 acres, consists of the integrated office (the building height refer to Masuda Filmmaker Hotel), precision equipment experimental area and precision equipment manufacturing workshop, the estimated total investment is 0.8 to 1 billion yuan.