Vision & Objective of HSC
2017-11-19 18:56:51
Build a centennium science city - consistent with the “three-step strategy” set for becoming powerful in scientific innovation.
Build a first-class science city, make first-class scientific achievements, and attract extraordinary scientists.
Build a green, smart and humanist scientific city, which is suitable for study, research, living and business.


undertake the mission of China; play a leading role in the development of technology; and set up a new world highland for original
Under the background that strategic positioning has been set for the capital, strengthen the collaborative link among innovation resources, push forward the construction of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei innovation community, and set up a most potential support for the national scientific innovation center.
Under the background that scientific mechanism is being reformed, it is mandatory to devote to progressing the innovation reform, figuring out a new mechanism suitable for scientific innovation and conversion of scientific achievements, trying to set up a new model
for the innovation reform.
Face to world advanced 
technology and satisfy major demands of the state; represent the level of China, reflect the willing of China,