Scientific planning of HSC
2017-11-18 22:56:43

 Huairou Science City is to focus on the spanning development in some key scientific fields, which is to attach emphasis on the work in different fields --- physical science, space science, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences etc.. In the future, on behalf of the government, Huairou Science City will take part in the cooperation in exploiting advanced technologies, which will greatly enhance Chinese’s position in the field of scientific technology.

Physical and Matter Sciences
Facility; Create the innovation platforms for the Advanced Light Source technology, Materials Genome, Clean Energy Materials’ Testing, Diagnosis, Research and Developments; Substantially enhance the capability to cognize the underlying microscopic mechanisms and to acquire the core technologies. 
Before 2030, strive to achieve originality breakthroughs in the major scientific problems and the core technologies including the discovery of novel high-temperature superconductors and the metallic hydrogen, the mechanism of unconventional superconductivity,
the physical mechanism of quantum computation, complex phase transitions in the exotic quantum materials, ultrafast regulation of physical properties, and the real-time imaging of the lattice vibrations; Focus on breakthroughs on the new key materials for clean energy, special functionality、superalloy, and high strength lightweight composites, etc; Promote the bottleneck key technical breakthroughs in the fields of green-energy car, smart power grid, aeronautics and astronautics, and advanced manufacturing, etc.
Space Science
Project (Phase II) and construction of innovative platforms, including the Platform for Space Science Satellite Missions and Payload
Development, Comprehensive Experimental Platform for Advanced Transport and Measurement Technology, the Ground Experimental Base for National Space Laboratory, the Platform for Astronomical Terminal R&D and Test, the Innovative Platform for Cutting-edge Photon Technology Research etc.
Providing solid support to National space missions such as China’s Manned Space Flight Program, Lunar Exploration Program, Beidou Navigation Satellite System, the space science research activities are expected to make prominent breakthroughs by 2030 in science frontiers like the origin of the universe and its evolution, the composition of matter, as well as the celestial bodies exploration
and survival research, significantly improving China’s capacity of space weather and disaster response, and fundamental ability of
space science experiment.
Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
In this field, we endeavor to constructing the Earth System Science Numerical Simulator Facility, Terrestrial Ecosystem Observation
Experimental Network in China and other science facilities; developing innovative platforms for deep resource exploration technology
and equipment, geographic big data mining and application, cross-scale ecological system simulation and prediction, and integrated
disaster information, risk simulation and early warning; establishing a giant earth research system from the earth core to the space
environment of different scales, including bio-physical-chemical processes and their interactions.
By 2030, we will strive to achieve significant breakthroughs in deep resource exploration, evolution of the earth environment, climate
change and projection, ecosystem changes, disaster prediction and assessment, that will provide scientific and technological support
for sustainable utilization of national resources and the construction of ecological civilization.The breakthroughs are to provide
scientific and technological support for the sustainable utilization of national resources and the construction of ecological civilization.