Urban Planning of HSC
2017-11-18 22:56:31

 The total planning area of Huairou Science City is about 100 square kilometers. When working on the urban planning, it is required to focus on establishing a biological and smart science city, centered on “multiple cores, multiple groups”. That is the science city shall be able to positively affect the development of regions around Huairou, which is able to enhance the industrial grade and strengthen its special advantages. Anyway, the science city is to have a pattern where high-tech elements and high quality talents

are available, innovation and entrepreneurship can have resources shared, humanistic specials are abundant, comprehensive services are complete and development can be progressed high efficiently and intensively.
Location of the Project
Huairou Science City and the areas in synergy with it in development are located at the planned area of Huairou New City at the northeast of the downtown of Beijing. It is 50km from the downtown, and 32km from the Capital International Airport. They are close to Miyun at the east, connects with Shunyi at the south, and border Changping and Yanqing at the west.
Landscaping system
Set up a complete and environment-friendly landscape ecosystemTry to build a good environment for scientific research, in which
“open your eyes, green landscapes will just jump into your eyes; turn yourself around, green landscapes are just behind you.
Strengthen the construction of “three-rivers, one-wetland” but the use and protection of farmlands and forests shall be taken into
account of. Green building standards shall be promoted, push forward the construction of sponge city; establish a system integrating
rainfall recycle, rainfall storage and rainfall recharging.
Smart City
Techniques of smart city will be applied when constructing the operation and management service center for the science city. Cloud
computing data center program and smart industrial park program will be carried out. Meanwhile, techniques of smart city will be
applied by other fields like traffic system, public security, education, citizen service and commercial operation etc.
Core area design
The core area of Huairou Science City is an important supporting area in the construction of the national scientific and technological innovation center in Beijing. Surrounding the Beijing Huairou Comprehensive National Science Center, it plans to build itself into the national major scientific and technological infrastructure and the frontier scientific and technological cross-research platform, thus forming the leading original innovation center in the world.
Many large scientific facilities as the high energy photon source, synergetic extreme condition user facility, the Multimodal Trans-Scale Biomedical Imaging Facilities, atmospheric environment simulation system and auxiliary facilities, and other multidisciplinary science projects will be built in the core area in the north.
Open and Sharing Platform
Set up international alliance and forum for science centers, introduce international research institutions and high-tech service organizations etc; push forward to form a new pattern that the scientific innovation is open. Try to attract a group of top talents and a series of high-grade scientific research institutions; try to have several innovative industries which are playing leading role in the world. Anyway, try our best to set up a first-class, open and sharing science city.