Positioning of HSC
2017-11-18 22:29:43
By 2020, the basic framework system shall be set up, a series of national scientific infrastructure and crossingresearch platform shall
be established, build up a research team where top experts and scientists all over the world are gathered together; carry out a series
of high-level activities about scientific innovation; make a group of advanced achievements related to advanced scientific research and advanced technological research. Become a new support for the national scientific innovation center.

By 2030, an infrastructure cluster at a first-class level shall be set up; make breakthroughs in the field of advanced scientific research; to be a new highland of original innovation and a world-known scientific center. Provide favorable supports and assistance for
China to become a top and international sci-tech power.

By 2050, Huairou Science City will become a new highland for original innovations with a great influence all over the world, which will make China become powerful inscientific innovation . Depending on the advanced scientific achievements and high-tech facilities, a group
of extraordinary scientists, powerful research institutions, innovative enterprises with international competitiveness, an open blending between innovation chain and industrial chain can be realized, which will greatly push forward the development of science, economy and society.