Project of major national projects R & D base and industrialization of Institute of Electronics, CAS
2017-11-19 18:44:10

  The project covers 101.24 acres, of which 91.35 acres land for construction, eight buildings are planning to be constructed, the total construction area is about 74,000 square meters, expected investment is about 410 million yuan. Since the project began to construct in 2009, about 60,000 square meters have been completed, the first and second phase of the project have been completed, the third phase of the project was started in May 2013. The construction area of the project is about 14 thousand square meters, which is completed and is relocation now. 

  As the major national projects R & D base, this project has four goals: firstly, to build the cutting-edge microwave vacuum electron devices research and production base and advanced synthetic aperture radar experiments and testing base; secondly, to build a base which can meet a series of requirement to research and produce air-borne SAR and space-borne SAR; thirdly, to provide supporting condition for precision machining and environment simulation test and so on; fourthly, to make a project of commercialization and industrialization of related scientific and technological work.