First Sino–Canada Workshop on Biomass Transformation and Commercial Opportunities
2014-09-17 11:03:16

  Chairman: Prof. CHEN Shulin, Dr. AleksPatrzykat 

  Organizer:   China National Center for Biotechnology Development  

  Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, CAS  

  Venue: Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, CAS  

  32 West 7th Avenue, Tianjin Airport Economic Area, Tianjin, 300308  

  Contact Details: CHAI Qianqian 

  Phone: 86-22-84861925  

  Fax: 86-22-84861997  


  Topics or Themes:  

  The focus of the workshop is aligned with national priorities, both in China and Canada, addressing energy and environmental challenges and is targeted towards new economic development opportunities. The topics of this workshop are as follows:   


  ·Algal Feedstock Development and Biorefinery Approaches  

  ·Utilization of Biomass - Industrial Bioproducts 

  ·Utilization of Biomass – Natural Health Products  

  ·Utilization of Biomass – Processing  

Additionally, famous professors and entrepreneurs are invited to have talks and discussions. And site visit to local enterprises will be arranged after the workshop.