Huairou Science City
2017-11-18 22:18:07
In February 2014, when General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected Beijing, he proposed the urban function positioning for Beijing to be constructed as “the political center, cultural center, international exchange center and scientific and technological innovation
In January 2016, the construction of Huairou Science City was formally included in the outline of the 13th five-year plan of Beijing.
In September 2016, Overall Plan for Beijing to Strengthen the Construction of National Scientific and Technological Innovation Center approved by the State Council proposed that Huairou Science City would mainly construct a batch of scientific facilities.
In November 2016, the Beijing Municipal Government formally approved Development and Construction Plan for Huairou Science City (2016-2020).
In May 2017, National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Science and Technology jointly approved the Construction Plan of Huairou Comprehensive National Science Center.
In June 2017, the 12th Congress of Party Representatives in Beijing indicated, “to break through Huairou Science City, mainly arrange the national key technological infrastructure and frontier cross research platform, construct the comprehensive national science center and become the world-class bearing zone of primitive innovation”.