World-renowned science center to be established in Beijing in 2030
2017-11-08 09:31:52

The Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform announced on May 31 that the construction plan of a national comprehensive science center in Huairou has been approved. The center will focus on systematic work to promote development in key scientific areas.


According to the announcement, China's National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly approved the plan on May 25. The national science center in Huairou is expected to take shape and achieve initial outcomes by 2020 and will be a comprehensive science center with global influence by 2030.


Last year, China's State Council released an overall plan about enhancing the construction of national science and technology innovation centers in Beijing, calling on the city to better serve the implementation of national strategies and build "three big sci-tech cities." Among them, Zhongguancun Science City will focus on high-end innovation to make major breakthroughs in leading-edge innovations with global influence. Huairou Science City will build large scientific clusters and interdisciplinary research platforms. Located in Changping District, the Future Science City will become a gathering space of technological innovation for big conglomerates.


The construction plan requires Huairou's national science center to focus on seven aspects: development in key scientific areas; building a national major sci-tech infrastructure cluster; scientific layout of the leading-edge and interdisciplinary research platform; gathering of domestic and international first-class scientific and technological innovation talents and teams; implementation of major sci-tech plans; comprehensive innovation and reform first tries; and building a model for a future national laboratory.