2014-09-22 16:08:29


  Title: Distinguished Professor Chief Scientist in Beijing National Laboratory for Condensed Matter Physics   


  Career History:    

  June,1986-July,1990 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Bachelor Degree

  September, 1990-August, 1995 University of Illinois at Chicago Doctor Degree

  September, 1995-August, 1998 University of Illinois at Chicago/Argonne National Laboratory Postdoctoral Degree September, 1998-August, 2003 Boston College Assistant professor

  September, 1993-August, 2007 Boston College Associate professor

  September, 2007-June, 2008 Boston College Professor

  Professor, Institute of Physics, CAS, 2008-present


  Address:  Institute of Physics P.O.Box 603 Beijing, 100190, China   

  Tel: 86-10-82649200   

  Email: dingh@aphy.iphy.ac.cn