Earth System Numerical Stimulation Equipment (ESNuSE)
2014-09-22 15:46:36

  The earth system science has four research procedures: 

  1.    To observe phenomena and accumulate data. 

  2.    To analyze and interpret the data and set up a quantitative relation of earth system processes based on the basic laws in the physics, chemistry and biology. 

  3.    To create a conceptual model and mathematical model or numerical model for earth system evolution based on the research of the previous two parts. 

  4.    To validate the model and use it to forecast change in the future. 

  To set up the earth system model and its numerical model, it is urgently necessary to build the Earth System Numerical Stimulation Equipment (ESNuSE). ESNuSF is a world-class, open public platform for earth system modeling research which includes earth system modeling software, computer hardware, high performance supporting software and visualization system, etc.