Synergetic Extreme Condition User Facility (SECUF)
2014-09-22 15:46:11

  Scientists have made many remarkable scientific breakthroughs by the way of extending physical experimental conditions of temperature, pressure and magnetic field into their extreme conditions. Using synergetic extreme condition to conduct scientific research has become an important paradigm in recent years. Synergetic Extreme Condition User Facility (SECUF) comes into being. 

  Targets of SECUF: 

  Using user facilities, includes cryogenics facility, ultrahigh voltage facility, high magnetic field facility and ultrafast laser facility, to develop a research space for materials science, to conduct cutting-edge materials science research on the fields of material making, material characterization, quantum control and state of matters research with ultrafast condition under those extreme conditions, to promote new discoveries of state of matter, phenomenon and law. SECUF will make China reach the world leading level on the fields of condensed matter physics, materials science and many other cutting-edge materials science researches.