The First Large Scientific Facility Project Starts building in HuaiRou Science City
2017-11-19 18:09:44

In Sep 28th ,the first program SECUF of large scientific facilities in Huairou Science City starts building, which is also the first constructing one of National major scientific and technological infrastructures. This project will be the first User Device with extremely low temperature, extremely high pressure, strong magnetic field and ultra-fast light field all over the world, and will greatly improve the strength of fundamental research and applied basic research in the physical science and related areas. The associate dean of CAS Wang Enge attended the project starting ceremony.

As Wang Enge said, with the common effort of CAS and government, the construction of HuaiRou Science City got significant progress, the first National major scientific and technological infrastructures started building, opening a new era of HuaiRou Science City construction. He hoped that CAS and government will keep efforts up in the spirit of co-building to make SECUF to be the world’s leading User Device, to be the condensed matter science research center with international influence, attracting scientists gather there, exploring the forefront of world science, achieving technological breakthroughs, contributing to build our country to an innovative country.

It is understood that SECUF is large scientific experimental facilities with extremely low temperature, extremely high pressure, strong magnetic field and ultra-fast light field. It has been an important science research developing paradigm to get innovation breakthroughs in the extreme experimental conditions, many research works won the Nobel Prize and many research results got practical application.

Previously, there are 5 crossing research platforms had started building at the end of May this year, the constructing programs in HuaiRou Science City are advancing steadily, the BASIC of CAS had done a lot of work to fully cooperate with research institutes in approval procedures of each program, ensuring each one will start in time.