Space Environment Simulation Facility (SpEnSF)
2014-09-22 15:46:55
  The Space Environment Simulation Facility (SpEnSF) is one of the major national science and technology infrastructure projects, which will be accommodate a larger scale of space activities and technology development in the future; also will provide a basic research on matter under the space environment. SESF, as the first simulation test system for the comprehensive effect of multi-factor environment in space, will be located in Huairou, Beijing. includes the first accelerator facility to simulate the space radiation multiparticle, the professional device space irradiation, and the four test conditions consist of radiation coupling effects, effects of the multi-factor space environment on aerospace materials, effects of multi-factor space environment on life science, effects of world leading microgravity facilities and advanced microgravity on materials. SESF can significantly improve innovation ability of the nation on the fields of aerospace components, material research, spacecraft design, manned space flight, deep space exploration, space environmental science, space life science, and space microgravity science, etc., which will make a huge contribution to our country on space technology and social economic sustainable development.